Campout is broken into two categories: attending campers and non-attending campers. In either case, campers must be an active graduate or professional Duke student to participate.

NOTE: Read carefully for significant updates regarding the non-attending policy.

For students unable to attend Campout weekend or unable to make the majority of tenting checks, a separate lottery system is available for non-attending campers. Students interested in participating as non-attending campers will have their own set of tasks to improve their chances of winning the season ticket lottery.



Registration as a non-attending camper will automatically earn one entry into the non-attending lottery. There will be opportunities to earn up to three additional entries in the lottery in the weeks leading up to Campout for a maximum of four entries. These additional entries can be earned either by attending Duke Women’s Soccer, Men’s Soccer, Volleyball, or Field Hockey home games until Saturday, October 7th, or by participating in one of numerous community service events. At least 1 of these 3 additional entries must be a community service event. Without community service, you may only receive a maximum of 2 additional entries. Note that earning all four non-attending lottery entries will not result in better lottery odds than being an attending camper.



Prior to attending a community service event, you must register for the event using the registration form that will be sent out to the listserv at a later date. To receive your additional lottery entry, you will need to submit the proof of attendance form. This form will require that you submit a picture of yourself with a clearly distinguishable background and unobstructed view of your face as proof of attendance, as well as a picture of your Duke ID for proof of identification. 

Organizations that fulfill the community service requirement include:

  • Ronald McDonald House (serving and cooking food)
  • Food Bank of Central & Eastern North Carolina
  • Parktown Food Hub
  • Keep Durham Beautiful
  • Dribble for Victory: Saturday, October 7th 9:00AM (During Campout weekend—see the Dribble for Victory page)

Additional information about community service opportunities will be sent to the Listserv and will include exact dates, times, and locations as well as the registration form. There will be limited enrollment for many events, and thus events will be staffed on a first-come-first-serve basis. If you register but cannot attend, please email the head ushers immediately to notify us of this change.

After attending community service or one of the listed sporting events, upload your proof of attendance here. Please carefully read the instructions so your entry will count!